Cimi’s at the Pinnacle Club

Cimi’s at the Pinnacle Club

Cimi’s Bistro at the Pinnacle Golf Club in Grove City is a well kept secret. A few years ago a good friend, Pat Ahl, and I were looking for someplace different for lunch and came upon Cimi’s. It was like a little piece of heaven sitting on the covered back patio overlooking a perfectly maintained and manicured golf course on a spectacularly sunny day in May. We both loved the place so much we have gone back frequently over the years. In fact, they have been recognized as the best outdoor dining place in central Ohio and I second that opinion.

Recently we started off with Corn and Crab Dip which was thick and cheesy, with bits of sweet corn and chunks of crab meat served with pita bread. I then moved on to the Lobster Bisque with generous pieces of lobster in a rich creamy sauce. Since I am a “bisqueaholic,” I have to try it wherever it is offered, but I have found Cimi’s to be the best without a doubt. They also have a variety of fresh salads for a light lunch, but the entrees are quite filling, especially the Seafood and Pinnacle Pasta dishes as well as Chicken Marsala.

Cimi’s definitely meets the criteria I use to evaluate whether an eatery will be featured in my Eating Across Ohio books. They have a great location and atmosphere, prompt service, and the cuisine is excellent and reasonably priced. But one warning, they include the service charge (or tip) so the visitor does not have to figure it out, but if the server doesn’t mention this, you may be paying a double tip. I’ve done it a few times until I finally caught on.

Check them out especially after we get past this rainy season. They’re located at 1500 Pinnacle Club Dr., Grove City. Call for reservations at 614-539-0397.

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